Family Law

Families are mostly a source of great comfort and prolonged stability. You need a trusted and reliable lawyer by your side when family issues create legal challenges. There is nothing more frustrating and troublesome than seeing your family break apart. You can count on the friendly and capable family law lawyers at Solimano Law to help you get through these difficult times.

Please note: our family law practice operates out of our Vancouver office.

We Put Your Interests First

We have extensive experience with family matters in BC. In our experience we have seen couples that had a great relationship and understanding, and we have come across the ones that did not see eye-to-eye on legal issues. As your family lawyer we will try our best to not let these differences take a turn for the worse. At Solimano Law we have helped clients in Nanaimo and Vancouver Island through tough situations that often border on the stressful with a positive outcome.

Each legal issue is different with unique circumstances. We treat family matters that way. Our approach is specific to your case and is focused on providing every bit of relevant information that will afford you clarity on your rights and the case. Our family lawyers keep the process transparent at all times so that you know where you stand.

Prompt Legal Advice

Family matters require prompt and sound legal advice that is offered in a way that is both friendly and compassionate. We are a team of knowledgeable lawyers and will do everything it takes to help you through your legal situation. We start by listening to your side of the story without interrupting. This way we acquire a clear picture as to where you stand from a legal point of view.

Our first approach as experienced family law lawyers is to always diffuse a situation with discussions and negotiations. It is not necessary for all family and divorce matters to go to trial. It takes a smart lawyer with great presence of mind to negotiate and win a favourable outcome on their client’s behalf. By not acting recklessly and going to trial, we save you confrontational and hurtful meetings, anxiety, and importantly, money.

You can count on us to get the best potential outcome for you through asset divisions, parenting plans, and fair agreements. However, this does not mean that we will shy away from a trial if push comes to shove. Sometimes, the only way we can protect your rights and interests is to take a case to trial. You can count on our team of exceptional family lawyers to prepare a winning case that will bring the desired outcome.

Our Practice Areas

Solimano Law has tremendous experience representing clients from all walks of life. We have helped couples with all types of family matters, including prenuptial and cohabitation agreements. You can count on us to handle divorce lawsuits and child/spousal support claims.

These are a few Family Law practice areas we excel in:


Prenuptial agreement or a prenup should not be considered as a plan for divorce. In fact, agreeing to discuss assets and other key finances before the marriage through open communication may just result in a successful marriage.

Separation Agreements

These agreements can help you get the divorce you want without having to go to trial or court. It takes a reliable and trustworthy lawyer that places your interests at the forefront to come up with an agreement that protects your rights.

Family Property and Debt Division

It can get very complicated to divide high value assets and marital estate. Investment portfolio and real estate division requires someone with knowledge and experience. Solimano Law can help you protect what is yours.

Common-law and Cohabitation

Sometimes, cohabitation agreements can be the only way to protect your property. They have become a trend these days with an increase in the number of marriage-like and common-law relationships. Cohabitation agreements can go a long way in protecting your interests, particularly if your partner has debt.

Child Custody and Support

We can help you fight for child custody rights if you believe that you are denied them or that the other parent may not be a good influence on your child’s well-being and growth. We are also experienced in calculating necessary child support payments.

Contested Divorce

Contested divorce is the only course of action left when the other party stubbornly refuses to stop making unreasonable requests. We can help you protect your legal rights. While the lawyers at Solimano Law will do everything to achieve a resolution for you through discussions and negotiations, we are prepared to handle contested divorces. You can count on us to protect your rights and property.

It takes a skilled law firm to understand family law and to make a situation work in your favour. We believe in keeping our clients at the forefront. All our actions are guided by your needs and expectations.

If you are looking for a family law lawyer in Nanaimo, give us a call today to schedule a consultation.