Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Most legal disputes that are between two or more parties will be considered Civil Litigation.

Claims for more than $35,000 are generally in the jurisdiction of BC Supreme Court .

Whether you are thinking of commencing a claim, or have been served with a claim that you need to respond to, Solimano Law can help you navigate the legal system.

Our lawyers recognise that going to court is not always in the best interest of our clients. Our ability to turn a dispute into resolution is our strength. However, when resolving the dispute outside of court is not possible, our lawyers are prepared to effectively represent you in court.

Our experience in civil litigation includes:

Solimano Law is dedicated to providing our clients with effective legal advice and will make every effort to guide you in the right direction. Our lawyers have appeared in all levels of court in Vancouver and British Columbia, and their experience with civil disputes can help achieve your goals and resolve your legal matters.

Small Claims Court

The monetary jurisdiction for most Small Claims Court claims in British Columbia is between $5,001 – $35,000.

Civil claims that are for less than $5,000 are generally resolved in the Civil Resolution Tribunal (the “CRT”), and in most CRT cases lawyers are not permitted to assist you. Visit the Civil Resolution Tribunal website to learn more about the CRT procedure.

Solimano Law can assist you with commencing or defending Small Claims Court claims that are between $5,001 – $35,000, and which are with respect to alleged debt or damages.

Knowing how to commence a claim, or being served with legal documents or demands, can be a stressful experience especially if you are unfamiliar with the court process.

Our lawyers will help explain the court procedure, examine the facts and issues of your case, and assist in organizing your documents, in order to give you the best opportunity to put your best foot forward through the process.

Monetary considerations – specifically, the dollar amount involved in your claim – should always be made when deciding whether to hire a lawyer, as your legal fees are not something that you can recover in Small Claims Court.

Small Claims Court has been designed for non-lawyers to be able to navigate the process, however (unlike the CRT) you are not prevented from hiring a lawyer to assist you.

If you are unsure of whether you should hire a lawyer for your claim, we recommend the following website as a resource to learn about the Small Claims Court procedure:

We recommend that everyone visit the Small Claims BC website prior to calling our office. Following that, if still considering whether to hire a lawyer, you are welcomed to contact us to discuss whether Solimano Law is right for you.


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Working as a lawyer for 10 years has given me the ability to recognize a skilled attorney when I see one. My experience as Solimano Law's client was undeniably rewarding. Diego and Zoe clearly understood my concerns and objectives, and advocated on that basis. Intelligence, transparency and greatness, that's what you want when you need a lawyer to defend your rights. Highly recommended!

R. A. L., Google Review

I don't often give 5 star reviews, possibly because I am far to detail oriented, however if there is a Law group in this city that deserves 5 stars it is Diego and his firm. Throughout the entire process he did not waver. His experience, professionalism and integrity are what really stood out and I confidently recommend that you want Diego standing next to you at the end of your trial.

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They made me feel extremely comfortable, and took the time to explain all the necessary points to me so that I understood them. It turned a really horrible situation into one that had me overwhelmed with happiness!

Thank you again guys!

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