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We believe in providing our clients with high quality, effective legal advice, while remaining accessible by charging fairly and transparently for our services.

We provide customized billing arrangements because we recognize that your situation is unique, and you expect value when you pay for legal services.  Your fee structure should be tailored to the services you ask us to provide for you.

We can often provide you with a fixed fee, or a fixed fee range for many types of legal services.  Your lawyer can provide further information about fixed fee options.



In the course of working on your behalf we may incur additional expenses.  These expenses are billed to you at our cost and may include:

  •     Registry filing fees
  •     Agents’ fees (for searches, filings, etc.)
  •     Experts’ fees
  •     Transcripts
  •      Document imaging (photocopies, faxes, printing)
  •     Long distance calls
  •     Courthouse legal research costs
  •     Out of town travel expenses
  •     Couriers & postage


We are currently required to charge you GST and PST on our fees and GST on disbursements.

In many cases, our fees are tax-deductible. If you have any questions about this, please consult your accountant.



We will provide you with a bill each month. This enables you to know the costs which you are incurring on a timely basis.

Please note that should you have any concerns regarding your bill, the Rules of our Law Society permit you to have any bill reviewed by a Master of the Supreme Court.



Accounts are due and payable upon receipt and can be made by contacting our office.

In payment of our accounts we accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, cheque, cash and Interac e-transfer.


Contingency Fees

In rare cases we will agree to a contingency fee agreement. These require very specific circumstances, must be agreed upon in advance and must be detailed in writing to conform to the requirements of our Law Society.


Awarding of Costs

In many cases where we are successful before the Courts, you may be awarded costs against the other party in accord with a tariff of costs which are included in our Supreme Court Rules.

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