Parenting Arrangements After Separation or Divorce

If the relationship between you and your former partner comes to an end and you share children from that relationship, one of the most significant considerations in that separation is custody arrangements. You will need to come to an agreement regarding the shared financial responsibilities, who gets parenting time when, as well as arrangements concerning … Read post

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse in BC

British Columbia’s Family Law Act (FLA) came into full effect in March 2013 and has since been praised for improving and developing Family Law, prioritizing the rights of children, and keeping families safe. The updated FLA attempts to provide a response to the developments in research regarding the negative impact of family violence, including on … Read post

Gaining Child Custody in BC

In 2019, an estimated 2.68 million Canadians had been through a divorce, sustaining the increasing trend in divorce rates since the year 2000. Going through a divorce or separation can often be complicated and distressing, and is exacerbated when children are involved. Which parent should obtain legal custody? What are the logistics of access or … Read post

Vaccination Disputes in B.C. Family Law

It is quite known that the topic of vaccinations has a long and contested history. Despite the many debates over the years, the issue of whether or not to vaccinate your children remains the center of many public health disputes. With a plethora of information arguing for both sides readily available on the internet, it … Read post

Children’s Views in BC Custody Disputes

The principal concern in any custody dispute is ensuring that the best interests of the child/children remain the primary focus. However, it is often that the dispute remains unresolved because each respective parent maintains that they are the one to best provide for the child/children in light of these interests. Although it is not the … Read post

Change of Child Custody Agreement in BC

Due to the increasing support for the notion of involving a child/children in custody decisions, it is definitely possible to make amendments to an existing custody agreement, should it be in the best interests of the child/children. However, in order to avoid constant unrelenting custody trials and consequent substantial legal implications, it is not a … Read post

Relocation: Moving Out of Town with Children

Relocation has become an increasingly common occurrence in children’s lives once their parents have separated or divorced. More often than not, one parent wishes to move to another city outside of Vancouver, or even outside of Canada because of a job offer, or simply to restart their lives in a new place. However, separating your … Read post

Do Grandparents Have Guardianship or Visitation Rights in BC?

More often than not, grandparents end up being disregarded when their children separate or divorce. As a result, the grandparents see their grandchildren less frequently. At what point do grandparents have legal rights when it comes to spending time with their grandchildren? Are there circumstances in which grandparents can obtain custody of their grandchildren? Here’s … Read post

Forced Sale of a Family Home After Divorce

Divorce, particularly the acrimonious, contested kind, can lead to disagreements about Family Property. The matrimonial home, in most cases, is by far the largest asset which separating couples own. In this blog we discuss how divorce can affect your home and property, and address the question: “Can someone force you to sell your house even … Read post

What is Family Property in BC?

If you and your spouse have joint assets such as a family home, bank accounts or investments, a separation can create chaos with your finances during an already overwhelming time.  This blog is for owners of joint property in British Columbia and seeks to answer the big questions of “who gets what?”, and more importantly, … Read post