Demand Letters: A Way to Assert Your Legal Rights

In British Columbia (BC), demand letters are a common form of communication which are used to settle a matter outside of court. Demand Letters can be sent to an opposing party to demand payment of monies owed as an alternative or prior step to initiating legal proceedings. This article will provide information on the basics … Read post

The Conveyancing Process in BC: A Step by Step Guide

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring real estate from one party to another. Buying or selling a home is often described as one of the most important transactions of your life. From a legal standpoint, there are many specific steps to go through, and it can be easy to get lost in the details. … Read post

Protect Your Property with Title Insurance

Buying a home is an exciting time! Perhaps you have finally found the perfect place to call your own, and you are ready to make an offer. What you may not consider is that there are many potential pitfalls to avoid when purchasing property. To help protect yourself, you may purchase title insurance, which may … Read post

Marriage Agreements

Marriage Agreements, also called “Prenuptial Agreements” or “Prenups” are generally entered into by couples looking to establish their individual financial and property rights before marriage. These agreements may also list the manner in which assets, debts and liabilities will be handled during the marriage. The family law lawyers at Solimano Law can assist in preparing … Read post

Exclusive Occupancy

Who gets to stay in the Family Home after a separation? Living together after separation is not always possible for all couples, especially in circumstances where there is serious conflict or a risk of violence. If living together is no longer an option, many separated couples will be faced with the contentious question of who … Read post

Cohabitation Agreement

Cohabitation Agreements are legal documents which list the legal responsibilities and rights of unmarried couples living together. These agreements are also called “Living Together Agreements” or “Common-law Agreements” and tend to focus on the manner in which assets, property, and cash will be split in the event that the relationship comes to an end. Cohabitation … Read post

Grounds for Divorce in BC

To end/dissolve a marriage in British Columbia – You need to apply for and be granted a Divorce Order in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. To be granted a Divorce Order, you will need to show the Court that there has been a breakdown of your marriage. The following is an overview of the … Read post

Obligation of Parents to Pay Child Support

In Canada, children have a legal right to child support. This means that parents or guardians are required to look after their children financially, even in circumstances where one parent or guardian does not see or take care of the children. When a couple or spouses separate, usually one parent has to give the other … Read post

Divorce, Spousal Support and Adultery in BC

The breakdown of a marriage and divorce can cause emotional and financial hardship to all parties involved, especially if adultery has been committed. In British Columbia (BC), the Divorce Act governs the divorce process. The following article provides an overview of the procedure for obtaining a divorce as well as your rights relating to Spousal … Read post

Can Employers Reduce Notice Periods for COVID-19 Reasons?

The Ontario Court of Appeal put it best in 2015 (Michela v St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic School, 2015 ONCA 801: “An employer’s financial circumstances may well be the reason for terminating a contract of employment – the event that gives rise to the employee’s right to reasonable notice. But an employer’s financial circumstances are not relevant … Read post