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Strata disputes can be complex and sensitive, especially when you are dealing with people who live in your building. 

Our team works to resolve strata disputes efficiently and cost effectively to allow you to get on with life and enjoy your property. We have successfully acted on behalf of both property owners and strata councils to exceed our client’s expectations.

If you are a part of a strata scheme, either as an owner or resident, there are regulations and laws that must be adhered to. Sometimes, disputes arise due to lack of compliance. Common sources of conflict include:


If you have a suspicion about renovations to a lot, we can assist and guide the review of works, as well as pursuing negotiations or litigation.


When damage occurs to a lot in a strata complex, you will need to consult the Strata Manager or owner. Our lawyers can represent you and take charge of the matter to deliver any necessary repairs/compensation.

Breach of Agreement

We can defend or represent both owners and residents when an accusation of a breach of agreement occurs. Often the matter can be dealt with amicably and quickly to diffuse the situation.


When owners enter into a Strata Management Agreement, they must be held accountable. When the Strata Manager is not upholding the agreement, we can question their conduct and work to enhance your living conditions.

Other Disputes

Water damage, parking, common area, upgrade/repair costs – no matter the size of the dispute, Solimano Law can deliver peace to a Strata Complex.

We understand the complexities of strata legislation. We believe that everyone has a right to live happily and fairly in a strata complex. Whether we initiate negotiation or take formal action, our lawyers can resolve disputes and issues of all kinds quickly and efficiently with your interests in mind.

Don’t settle for sub-par living conditions, get in touch with Solimano Law today.

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