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We understand that sometimes business relationships break down. Our lawyers are skilled at interpreting commercial agreements and resolving disputes between shareholders and partners, in a way that is sensitive to, but removes the emotion from the dispute.

Whether your business is structured as a partnership, company, trust, or a combination, our lawyers are equipped to effectively negotiate the complex issues that need resolving to meet the best client focused outcome possible.

Small disputes can lead to major issues between shareholders and partners. If your business relationship is breaking down, or you are presented with a potential partnership dispute, engaging an experienced lawyer can protect your interests and dictate a positive outcome.

We quickly identify if the business dispute can be resolved outside of court proceedings for the most effective solution. If seeking an early commercial resolution is unachievable, our lawyer’s proactive and professional litigation response will give you the best opportunity for success.

For many business owners and shareholders, the company is their biggest asset. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Whether you want to exit the business with the best commercial result for you, separate the business, or buyout a partner, trust Solimano Law to facilitate and negotiate on your behalf.

Meet the Shareholder and Partnership Disputes Team.

Diego A. Solimano

Founder, Litigation Team Leader

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