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Whether you are looking to review a franchise agreement, get advice about buying a franchise, or are in a dispute with your franchisor, our team has the experience and knowledge to navigate you through every step of the process.

With a combined 12 years’ experience as franchisees, our team knows franchising from a real-world experience.

We’ve successfully represented claimants and defendants in numerous industries, of varying sizes, with the same, high-level legal service.

In all matters where a dispute permits, we’ll implement negotiation and mediation to deliver an alternative dispute resolution. Where litigation is unavoidable, we will utilise our team’s experience and innovation to get you the best possible commercial and personal outcome.

We can also advise on the optimal path forward for your franchise. Our lawyers often are tasked with reviewing and restructuring well-established franchises, as well as clarifying the requirements of new franchisees and franchisors.

When entering a new career path with a franchise, or revamping a franchise you are involved with, Solimano Law can act as an extension of your business to support you through the process.

Meet the Franchise Agreements & Disputes Team.

Diego A. Solimano

Founder, Litigation Team Leader

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