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This new technology brings a unique set of challenges. Better understand the risks, opportunities, and viable strategies to implement Cryptocurrency into your investment portfolio.

The rise of cryptocurrency & blockchain has been well documented, and with its growth has come an entirely new legal landscape to navigate. The potential for investors is huge, and businesses are quickly adopting it into their own operations. With this potential comes added risk, especially is such an unfamiliar legal environment.

Solimano Law is at the forefront of the legal developments in the cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology. Our lawyers are industry leaders in providing insightful advice to clients on:

  • Using blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies in business
  • Licensing and trading requirements
  • Conducting transactions in cryptocurrencies
  • Tax structuring
  • Entering the cryptocurrency market
  • Scaling your crypto investment securely

We help you better understand the risks, opportunities, and viable strategies to implement this phenomenon into your business or personal investment portfolio.

In its short history, there have been many twists and turns in the cryptocurrency/blockchain field. It is likely that there will be many new legal developments, in which case we will inform and advise our clients accordingly.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain is shaping the financial landscape and is set to become more accepted across all business sectors, both locally and internationally.

We can get you connected safely and swiftly, so you can start realising the business benefits such as reduced transaction costs, payment security, and reduced tax implications.

If you’re interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain for your business, talk to one our experienced lawyers today.

Meet the Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Law Team

Diego Solimano, Solimano Law Founder, Lead Litigator

Diego A. Solimano

Founder, Litigation Team Leader