Employment Law

As an employee, you deserve to have your rights respected by your employers. The laws of British Columbia and Canada recognize this. If you feel that you may have been treated unfairly at your workplace in Nanaimo, our employment lawyers can help you.

If your employer has asked you to sign a document that you believe may not be in your best interests, please contact an employment lawyer at Solimano Law before signing anything.

To address the growing number of ­­clients in Nanaimo and nearby areas such as Duncan and Campbell River, our satellite office in Nanaimo serves the northern Vancouver Island community with a staff of efficient and experienced employment lawyers.

Our goal is to help the local Nanaimo community with access to employment lawyers who have a deep understanding of Vancouver Island employment practices while being up to date with the most recent employment laws for British Columbia and Canada.

Because we understand that a large part of your waking hours are spent at the workplace, there may be emotional ties to your place of employment. Stress and anxiety are common, and at Solimano Law, we help clients get speedy resolutions through negotiations with your employer.

We also understand that some employers are not as receptive — in such cases, we are fully prepared for litigation, with a full litigation team available to fight for your outcome in court.

If you are experiencing harassment or discrimination at your workplace, potentially facing termination, or believe that your rights as an employee are being violated, Solimano Law can help you.

Here are some of our main practice areas in employment law:

Wrongful Dismissal

Wrongful dismissal is a legal phrase. Whether the employer calls it ‘terminated’ or ‘let go’, there are provisions in the Employment Standards Act that govern how the employer may dismiss you. If you have been dismissed but without the required notice period or pay in lieu, you may have a wrongful dismissal case.

If your employer ‘fired’ you, but stated reasons for the firing that you believe are incorrect or unfair, contact us. A ‘firing’ or dismissal with cause requires the employer to prove a serious workplace infraction. Because this charge can stay on your employment record, it is important to contact an employment lawyer immediately.

At Solimano Law, we have helped clients fight wrongful dismissals and receive compensation for their undue stress from oppressive employers. Give us a call today.

Constructive Dismissal in Nanaimo

Have your workplace conditions changed significantly? For example, have your responsibilities, schedules, work environment and workload changed? Has your salary been reduced, or commute made much longer?

Constructive dismissal arises when employers make changes to your position without consulting you. They have altered your contract without your consent, and this, of course, is not allowed unless specified in your contract.

Employers may do this to leave you with no choice but to accept these changes to your workplace or resign. The law recognizes this disparity in power and that your resignation in this case was not your choice but a necessary step that your employer forced upon you. This, in legal terms, is called a constructive dismissal.

If you believe this could apply to your current position, or you may have been constructively dismissed at your previous workplace, call Solimano Law today to speak to a constructive dismissal lawyer.

Human Rights

Our human rights lawyers at Solimano Law have advanced clients’ claims from being discriminated against for any of the following:

  • race,
  • place of origin,
  • colour,
  • ethnic origin,
  • citizenship,
  • creed,
  • sex,
  • sexual orientation,
  • gender identity,
  • age,
  • family status, or
  • physical/mental disability.

The BC Human Rights Code protects you from discrimination at your workplace. If you work at a federally regulated business, such as a bank or the Nanaimo airport, the Canadian Human Rights Act applies.

Discrimination can be obvious or subtle. If you faced or feel you faced discrimination at your workplace, our human rights lawyers at Solimano Law can help you support your claim at all levels of court and tribunals.

Choose the right Employment Lawyer for you

In your initial consultation, we will listen to your situation and the outcome you would like to seek. We will advise you of your options and our recommendation so you can make an informed decision.

Employment law and human rights requires a detailed understanding of not only the law and regulations, but also the procedures and evidence required. Sometimes, employees decide to resolve legal matters on their own with an employer. Your employers will be ‘lawyered up’, and any negotiations, signed agreements, and stalling tactics will be in their favour.

We can help you protect yourself and your rights. Give us a call today to set up an initial consultation.


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Working as a lawyer for 10 years has given me the ability to recognize a skilled attorney when I see one. My experience as Solimano Law's client was undeniably rewarding. Diego and Zoe clearly understood my concerns and objectives, and advocated on that basis. Intelligence, transparency and greatness, that's what you want when you need a lawyer to defend your rights. Highly recommended!

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I don't often give 5 star reviews, possibly because I am far to detail oriented, however if there is a Law group in this city that deserves 5 stars it is Diego and his firm. Throughout the entire process he did not waver. His experience, professionalism and integrity are what really stood out and I confidently recommend that you want Diego standing next to you at the end of your trial.

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They made me feel extremely comfortable, and took the time to explain all the necessary points to me so that I understood them. It turned a really horrible situation into one that had me overwhelmed with happiness!

Thank you again guys!

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